• A Clean Car Attacts Attention!

    It’s very important to keep the exterior of your car clean year-round. Cleveland is one of the worst areas nationally for acid rain which can actually eat away at the car’s finish.  Bird droppings, tree sap and road grime can also eat through the clear coat, break through the paint and cause the metal to rust.  In the winter, salt can corrode a car finish and underbody.  By washing the car frequently, you can preserve its appearance and maximize the car’s resale value.



  • Car Wash Packages

    Carnegie Auto Wash offer every customer who purchases a car wash package “A” or “B”  our special weather insurance:

    If it rains before midnight on the day you get your car washed, bring your car in the next day for a free inside and outside package “D” car wash.


    Package A - $26.50  

    Package B - $22.99  

    Package C-  $17.99

    Package D - $12.99  

    Package E - $10.99 (Outside Only)

    Plus Tax

  • Interior Detail Cleaning

    A deep cleaning method is used to extract soil from cloth seats and all carpeting, including the trunk. A special cleaning solution is used to clean all leather and vinyl followed by a protection treatment.

    Price starting @ $165.00 plus tax

  • Express Auto Wax

    An economical but very effective shine and protection for your car...and we do it while you wait!! 

    We include a car wash and wheel deal and a great look!

    Price $69.99 plus tax

  • Motor Cleaning

    A degreasing liquid is applied to the engine to coat and loosen all forms of grease. Then a high pressure system is used on the entire engine compartment until it is sparkling clean. 

    Price $59.99 plus tax

  • Mirror Glaze Finish

    Your Auto is custom polished with special professional cleaners, glazes and sealers. Then it is waxed to a brilliant shine. 

    Price starting @ $195.00 plus tax

  • Express Carpet Cleaning

    This special soil extractor method is a very economical way to clean your interior carpeting. Includes the carpet floor mats. Efficient service while you wait

    Price $59.00 plus tax

  • Detailing "WORKS" Package

    We'll give your auto a glaze finish, a complete Interior cleaning.

    Full service auto wash is included

    You'll save over $60.00 getting the "WORKS"

    Price $299.99

  • Mobile Service

    Carnegie Auto Wash Mobile service is available and will come to your home or office.

    We offer service to Truck, Auto, Bus, Van and Semi-Truck seven days a week by appointment only.

    Our Moblie truck is self contained with our own water and electric. Our area of service is for the Northeasten Ohio area. 

  • Facts, Question & Answers


    Clay Detailing is a deep cleaning and smoothing clay bar that instantly removes harmful pollutants from today’s vehicle finishes without using strong acidic chemicals or harsh abrasives. It will also remove most of the harmful surface contaminants, insects, tar, stubborn road grime and oxidation. Leaving an incredible smooth finish. Carnauba hand wax is then applied to preserve the finish



    Our Retail area offers a full line of automotive items that can help maintain your car’s reliability and performance in hot and cold weather.
    Listed below are a few of these products

    • Gas Line Anti-Freeze: Removes condensation from gasoline and gas/oil mixtures. Poured into your gas tank, it couples water and gasoline into a combustible mixture and removes moisture from your fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel fitters. Highly recommended to help prevent icing in your fuel line.

    • Quick Starting Fluid: Helpful for easier instant engine starts. Saves wear and tear on your battery and ignition during extremely cold weather. It is sprayed into the air cleaner or carburetor.

    • Lock Lubricant: A graphite solution that is applied through the key slot to help prevent frozen locks during cold weather. Very handy to keep in your glove compartment,purse or briefcase.

    • Instant Spare: This pressurized rubber latex will plug a leak and inflate the tire at the same time. Great in an emergency because it enables you to drive your car to a safe place for permanent repair.